We Provide Magnetic Solutions for Many Applications

Industries We Serve

Quadrant delivers cutting-edge technical solutions to numerous industries including: automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, and more. We work across multiple industries to understand the impact of magnet technologies from material to device to the entire system.

Consumer Electronics Solutions

Curated for Daily Life

Quadrant provides components for various consumer electronic devices. We are committed to enhancing the consumer’s experience by improving the magnetic functionality of their products. Our goal is to improve lives, health, and happiness through innovation and creativity. 

PC, Tablet, Phone, Watch

We work with our customers to optimize efficiency in diverse applications such as computers, tablets, smart phones, wearables, audio devices and other electronic equipment. These attraction magnets can be simple as a single two-pole magnet, or in a complex Halbach assembly.


Our magnet function as alignment guides and sensor triggers in many softgoods and consumer accessories.

Acoustic Modules

Our magnetic solutions provide increased sound integrity for your audio products. We support our clients with superior acoustic component designs and deliver a user friendly experience.

Haptic Feedbacks

Haptic motors are used to create vibratory feedback, and thus sensory input, for consumer electronic devices. By varying force and frequency, specific vibrations are generated by rotating an unbalanced weight, or by linearly oscillating a mass back and forth. We provide tactile solutions for smart phones, VR products, wearables, and gaming controllers.

Camera Systems

Voice Coil Motor Modules rely on the magnet assembly to position the camera lens for optimal light-gathering and focus.

Hinge Assemblies

Injection molding is the initial process phase required for high-volume manufacturing of very complex shapes of small metallic parts.  Our MIM parts are widely used in equipment such as watch cases, plugs, and laptop computer hinges.

Charging Solutions

Wireless charging has become the standard for consumer electronic products. This process often uses our nanocrystalline or amorphous materials in the transmission and input components required for this high-frequency contactless charging.

Automotive & Transportation Solutions

Drive Smart, Safe and Efficiently

Through collaboration and creative design assistance, Quadrant designs, builds and provides mobility solutions that deliver safety, connectivity and economy. We have supplied various magnets and motors to Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive customers and satisfy their exacting quality standards.

Electric Vehicle 

Technology advancements and innovation in electric motors is happening quickly and expanding rapidly. Our global electric vehicle (EV) partners rely on our magnetics engineering and experience to continually develop advanced magnetic systems and components.

Power Steering

Quadrant’s  magnetic components, assemblies, couplings, torque and steering motors, and power generators meet the requirements of automobile manufacturers. We are vertically integrated, manufacturing in-house to control the quality at every stage.

LiDAR Systems  

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are becoming more prominent in the transportation of goods and people. Our engagement with this rapidly growing industry involves engineering and design optimization, production of new and complex motors which are widely used in LiDAR systems, and critical in the development of self-driving vehicles.

Sensor Applications

Sensors measure speed, distance, temperature, force, and many other functions within a vehicle. Quadrant provides window lifting motor magnets, holding and controlling magnetic assemblies, windshield wiper motors, and many other magnetic products for automotive and sensor applications.

Industrial & Commercial Solutions

Empowered by Innovation

Quadrant provides cutting-edge ideas and products for preeminent OEMs in the industrial market. We serve industries such as oil & gas, robotics, magnetic lifting systems, power tools, fluid handing and much more. Our expertise, quality and ability to produce industrial quality products is the benchmark of the magnetics industry.

Oil & Gas

Quadrant’s magnetic solutions in the oil & gas industry have given our customers the conveniences and efficiencies to obtain energy. Our magnetic assemblies, magnetic couplings, torque and steering motors, power generators are designed to perform amid unique and fail-proof demands.

Robotics & Automation

Drones, robotics and smart factory automation are using magnetic solutions to keep industrial and commercial products running efficiently. Quadrant’s technical and forward-thinking engineering and manufacturing contributions are evident in the air, on the land, and under the oceans.

Power Generation

Wind energy plays a vital role as a clean and renewable power source. Capturing and harnessing wind energy is a combination of many working components, and Quadrant has assisted wind energy producers with their generators and magnetic assemblies. 

Equipment & Tools

Quadrant provides solutions for material handling equipment, power tools, magnetic separators, pumps, elevator lift motors, and many different assemblies. We are committed to designing and manufacturing for efficiency and durability. 

Appliance, Healthcare & Other Solutions

Living Made Easy

Quadrant engineers have presented their magnetic designs and inventions to the world’s most innovative and creative minds. Our magnetic solutions can be found in components and products that improve lives every day. Our goal is to turn technology and user experiences into a perfect union.


Our magnets, magnetic assemblies, and motors are used in many household appliances, such as washing machines, vacuums, kitchen appliances, smart home devices, and security systems. We support the industry’s leading OEM with innovative technologies and manufacturing processes.

Medical Devices

Quadrant’s ingenuity within the medical community spans decades, collaborating on internal and external body applications, motors, surgical devices, and medical equipment. Our magnetic materials and metal injection molded (MIM) parts make advanced magnetic functionality and complexity possible.

Electric Mobility Market

E-mobility technologies feature the most convenient and environmentally friendly solutions to transport people and goods, such as electric scooters and bicycles. Our magnets, magnetic assemblies, MIM parts and motors  work to develop, advance, and drive the electrical system, sensors, and technologies.

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